Polar Orbiting Environmental Weather Satellite Imagery

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Current Satellite Orbit Location

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Weather satellite receive location: Grid CM97qi

Receiver: R-139 5 channel APT VHF scanning receiver

Antenna: Tall Narrow Quadrifilar Helix ( QHA )

Sub carrier signal processing software: WXtoimg

RF signal format:  38 KHz FM carrier with 2400 Hz AM modulated sub carrier

World and color maps provided by various other links on this page




Current Weather Fronts and Radar Summary




Pacific Standard Time is UTC - 8 hours

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Window below contains approximately 3 days of previous satellite images




Latest POES ( Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite ) Status

POES History


Current Severe weather watches and warnings   ( click on a location of interest below )



Current Hurricane and Tropical Storm Locator Map

( See GOES weather pictures below to locate Hurricanes and Typhoons )





Current Temperature Summary





Western Atlantic GOES  VIS


Western Atlantic GOES IR



Eastern Pacific GOES  IR


Western Pacific GOES VIS




Western Pacific MTSAT IR


Western Pacific MTSAT VIS




Indian Ocean MeteoSat  VIS



Indian Ocean MeteoSat   IR


Eastern Atlantic MeteoSat  IR


Eastern Atlantic MeteoSat  VIS



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