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Phelps and related Families


Dedicated to my Parents

 Lee Samuel Phelps I  1910-1974  and  Mirtia L. Faulkinbury 1919- 

Click  index.2.gif (101505 bytes)  Picture of  Mirtia and Lee  taken about 1947


  Mildred Rosa Phelps 1919-1999 who started this research in the 1950's

Click  Mildred R.gif (96769 bytes) Picture of  Mildred Phelps about 1940

Stay a while and learn more about the Phelps and related Families. This is a work in progress, continually under construction some of this work has been gleaned from books, written by S. Sargent and Reba Roy, also from  the internet,  some of it is documented and some unverified. 

I am descended from

               1.  Thomas Phelps Sr. and Elizabeth Patterson 

2.  Thomas Phelps Jr. and Lucy Guy

               3.  Josiah Phelps and Elizabeth Patterson         

         4.  Jarrot Phelps and Mildred Duncan         

                 5.  Charles Duncan Phelps and Mary Ann Coons

                      6.  Samuel Walter Phelps and Rosa Sentiniel Alward

                 7.  Lee Samuel Phelps and Mirtia L. Faulkinbury

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