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    One of the earliest records in Virginia is Thomas Phelps, 400 acres in the Quit Rent Rolls, King and Queen County.  Then we find them in the following Counties, Goochland, Brunswick, Henrico, Fluvanna, Lunenburg, Albemarle, Bedford and Buckingham.

    The Kentucky branch came from Buckingham County, Virginia to Bullitt  County then to Madison County, Kentucky.  Buckingham County was taken off Albemarle County where the "will" of Thomas Phelps Sr. was probated May 14, 1751, wife Elizabeth and children Thomas, John and Mary (Patteson) Executors son Thomas Phelps and a Richard Givin.  It is believed that this branch came from Bedford, Virginia.

    The first fortified station West of the Allegheny Mountains was erected by Daniel Boone and his companions, for the Transylvania Company of North Carolina.  It was started April 1, 1775, it stood on the South bank of the Kentucky River in what is now Madison County, Kentucky about 8 miles North of the present village of Richmond, the county seat.  It was 24 miles from the foothills of the Cumberland, at Boones Gap, through which pioneers entered the Bear Grass County over the Boone Trail.  ( S. Sargent )         


    Thomas Phelps Jr. and family, sons Josiah, George, Guy, Anthony, Edwin and daughters Lucy, Sarah and Elizabeth were some of the earliest to arrive at the Fort.  They were no doubt influenced to leave their home in Virginia by the warm friendship which existed between them and the Callaway Family.  Colonel Richard Callaway and others came out with Daniel Boone and assisted in building the Fort.  They arrived at Boonesborough before the Fort was completed, which they helped to finish and here they lived in the Fort all through the Indian Wars during the Great Siege.  The sons Josiah and George were close companions, were considered excellent marksmen, and were guards of the Fort during the Revolutionary War. (S. Sargent)

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