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In Ketchikan we went to Totem Bight State Park. It has wonderful displays of totem poles as well as a Long House. Renée left us behind in Juneau and met these characters as she was coming off the boat!

These are some of the mushrooms Renée saw on her nature hike in Juneau. Here are the ladies relaxing in the lounge with the ever-present excellent service of Princess lines.
On our Wildlife cruise we saw lots of animals, including eagles, sea lions, porpoises, and here a spouting humpback whale. Here is the whale's tail while the whale dives for the bottom. OK, so it isn't such a great picture, but it was an exciting experience!
Here is our ship, anchored in Skagway. She was a beautiful ship and we enjoyed her very much. Soapy Smith is the hero/villian of Skagway. The ladies got a kick out of him in his bathtub!
Here are the mountains as seen from the Yukon Highway. The scenery throughout Alaska is really breath-taking.
We drove from Skagway into the Yukon Territory. Views were wonderful all along the road. Emerald Lake is one of the most beautiful sights. The entire road was lined with lakes like this for 40 miles.
Glacier Bay!! It is one of the most awesome things that can be seen from a cruise ship!
Sam and Andréa bundled up for the day in Glacier Bay! There are so many glaciers you don't know which one is the most exciting.
The sea in front of the glaciers is covered with ice floes. See those little black dots on the ice ... ??? They are seal pups resting on the ice ... hundreds of them!!

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