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Here is the Royal Princess lying at anchor in the Amazon River. She is truly a beautiful ship and we loved this cruise!
Starting our cruise in Fort Lauderdale gave me an opportunity to go to the Rustic Inn Crab House for some of their famous garlic crab! I never miss the chance! Arriving in the Amazon we were constantly besieged by little kids wanting a dollar for taking their picture. I succumbed to the temptation far more than I should. The boy in front has a boa constrictor, and the girl in back has a three toed sloth.
In Manaus Brazil, we first saw the tropical rain forest. It is a beautiful place. Renée has a lot more pictures of it than I would let her put on this page. These giant lily pads were growing in Lake January near the "meeting of the waters" that creates the Amazon River.
Back on board the ship, we met some of the dancers from their great production shows. The next day we landed at the small river village of Boca De Valera. Here I am with another three toed sloth.
This Indian was all dressed up in his greatest finery to try to attract a few tourist dollars. The next day, in Santarem, we saw how rubber trees are tapped.
We took a long trek through the rain forest. It is hot and humid, but very impressive. We saw ginger, cocoa, boa constrictors, butterflies and many other sights. Leaving the Amazon River, we turned north through the Caribbean. Our first stop was the notorious prison at Devil's Island. It is difficult to believe that anyone ever escaped from it!
Trinidad is the home of the steel drums. Renée is particularly fond of this music. On Dominica we saw a great deal of strange and beautiful vegetation.
Trekking through the jungle once again, this time on Dominica, we saw lots of little red land crabs hiding in their holes. Trafalgar Falls is a beautiful feature of this lush island.
Rum punch and beautiful scenery are the marks of the Southern Caribbean islands! We thought Dominica was especially beautiful. Our last night on the ship, we said goodbye to Jose Daniel Rembadi, the classical guitarist whose playing we had enjoyed all week in the panoramic Horizon Lounge far above the Caribbean.
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