Beautiful Woodbabies

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This nightmare of the glorious flames is Michael's horrible Lilitu demon of the night. The magnificent Phoenix perching in the tree is Dream Finder's Socrates. Dream Finder's Skysong is one of the very first of the Pegasus clan to come from the hatchery, with magnificent wings customized by his friend.
And as for Athar the winged wolf -- Pierced Wolfie is not sure whether he is an angel or a demon! Frosta McCloud's Nocte is a classic Nightmare. And Frosta's Maverick is a custom designed Icemare.
Frosta also has this wonderful special custom creation by the wooddaddy, the cerberus Nollij! Melhem Silverfrost, Frosta's ice revontulet offers a red red rose. Nariko is a kitsune who has come to be with MoonshineTears.
Morpheus is a wonderful example of the nightmare clan, and aptly named, who lives with Dreamfinder. Lord Shesshomaru is a demondog with glowing eyes that lives with Elrond45. Butch is a Gollywoggle who guards Nyhtshade's geodes.
This kamaitachi's name is Kazeno Juro and he lives with SilverNyte. Figwit's cerberus is named, respectively, Juliann Moore, Clarice Starling and Jody Foster. The forepart of a eagle, and the hinder parts of a horse, identify Elrond 45's friend Ron Weasley as a hippogryph.
Nolen the gorgeous black Phoenix makes his home with Drakenbyte. The brilliant colors of Kokomo the Parrot grace Dream Finder at Faires.

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