MARCH 2000

PACIFIC PRINCESS is the original Love Boat of the TV series, 
and is still the pride of the Princess fleet!
On the island of Zanzibar we saw the
famous banyan trees.
We also saw many spices growing.  This is our guide showing a nutmeg covered with mace.
Back on the ship we enjoyed the Tower of Lobster at the Gala Buffet!
To us the real heroes of the cruise are the waiters and chefs!
At Madagascar we took small boats to the "Lemur Island".  Renée got a kick out of me wading ashore!!
Renée found two boys with these lemurs.  She traded two baseball caps for the picture.
This enterprising youngster had a beautiful chameleon on a stick.
In Durban they had a Zulu village for the tourists, minus the flies.  Can you spot the Coke bottle among this chief's regalia?
Also in Durban we visited the Indian Market.  The sign reads
"Arson Fire Mother-In-Law Exterminator"!
We visited many Botanical Gardens filled with beautiful and exotic plants.
In Port Elizabeth they have the first speciman of the coelacanth, found living in Madagascar after being thought extinct for 65,000 years.
In Capetown we had just time before our plane left to tour the city and see 
Table Mountain.

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