are a great deal of fun, whether you want to join a Guild
and work hard on developing authentic garb and persona,
or just pay your gold pieces to the warder at the gate
and be an interested spectator!

Here is a site that will give you a great deal of information and help locate faires in your area:

 Renaissance Festivals

Our pictures show what fun we have at Faires

Our very first Faire was the Northern California Renaissance Festival.  Garb was primitive but we were getting into the swing of things! A major event of any Faire is the Monarch's Progress.
Our lovely maiden daughter Andréa never misses a chance to cheer on the gallant knights. By the time of the Playford Ball my garb was becoming considerably more elaborate!
You never know who, or what, you are going to run into at a Faire! Entertainment abounds on many stages around the market place.
And they shall play on sackbut and psalterie? Ever under the gracious eye of her Majesty.
The mighty clash of arms resounds across the field. The white knight against the dark scoundrel.
Renée loves the archery! In the summer my garb gets a bit cooler.
Renée is extremely taken with that hat! Dragons, good men, and other fantastic creatures can be found at Faires.
The Faerie Queen may burn her wings if she flies too close to that burning man. The street magician amazes the faire goers.
Andréa definitely has an eye for the handsome varlets! The nice thing about Faires is the chance to assume different identities. I thought this beard looked very Henry VIII.
At the Playford Ball when the theme was "Riddles and Puzzles" I thought it was a good time to play Scaramouche. For Scottish Festivals, we don the Clan Hall tartan.
A peasant is a comfortable character to wear at summertime Faires. Tautus the Gryphon is my companion at many Faires.
The Green Man is of great interest to me so this Celtic garb is one of my favorites. And Gramercy to you for visiting my humble page, good Lords and Ladies.  See you at the Faire.

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