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We arrived in Nairobi and met our safari van, driven by Joseph, and our van companions, Nancy and Bambi. We had a tour of Nairobi. One of our stops was the Giraffe Conservation Center, where Renée was kissed by a giraffe!!

We thought this wart hog wallowing in the mud reminded us of the bulldog we had left behind at home! That night we went to the Carnivore restaurant, where the giant grill held beef, lamb, pork, chicken, wildebeest, zebra and crocodile for us to try.
The next day we left for Amboseli National Park in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Immediately we began seeing big herds of game, close to the road and not afraid at all of our safari vans. Zebra and wildebeest travel in mixed herds for protection from lions.
This big giraffe was happily grazing close to the road, and was glad to pose for our pictures! A family of wart hogs scampered along in the savannah nearby.
On the borders of Amboseli we visited a natural Masai village. The chief and his assistant were very gracious, but the village had a few too many flies for my taste. At Oltulkai Lodge we were separated from the animals only by an electric fence. Renée got a kick out of having breakfast with a grazing hippo ... see that black dot in the distance?
The next morning we left for Tsavo National park, passing this pair of lions on the way. Our little parade of vans made quite a sight, but the animals didn't even notice it!
Tsavo had lots of herds of impala. They are very beautiful and graceful antelopes. So we said good-bye to our last elephant, and were off to Mombasa to embark on the Pacific Princess for our cruise!

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