Pat's Family

This picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day,1997 at Aunt Kelly's. It features Lindsay and Heather (our daughters) and cousins, Acacia and Camie Kris. The grandparents also posed for this picture.

Pats mother and father have a great orchid collection. This day in February, 1998 the orchids were in full bloom!

My sisters are really neat. Kelly is a Special Ed teacher in Albany, CA. (A long spit from Berkeley) Mikie Sue is a graphic arts/photography teacher in Morgan, Hill CA (A little south of San Jose).

Here is sister Kelly and brother-in-law Reza. They were married in December1995.

A nice sample of her art work may be found here.

If you look very carefully you can see Kelly and Reza's little black cat relaxing with the warmth of the laser printer. He is the namesake of The Black Cat Journal.

The BrownKorbel family

Bob is one of my brothers-in-law (Mikie Sue's husband). He is a video production teacher at LIve Oak High in Morgan Hill. He is also a great Colorado fisherman.."How big was that fish Bob?"

Home Livestock

(Photos coming) We seem to have a cat motel here. The resident inkeepers are a male silver tabby of suspected Main Coon cat by the name of Mufasa or Mooffers, a 50 50 orange and white male monstrous cat named Gaugin or Bott,(as in Robot) and an orange and black torttie named Lucy.

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