photo courtesy of Ken Brown
Did you see the movie The River Runs Through It ? This movie began a migration to this sport that is remarkable. But to paraphrase the country western song I have been fly fishing before fly fishing was cool.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Brown..

This is a picture of my father Ken Brown ready to attack the poor fish in Colorado.. Note the belly boat and the waders.

While very few hours are actually spent on the stream or lake each year, fly fishing provides me with many happy hours of thought throughout the year.

Kelly Brown has done it again... she has captured in watercolor some of the classic flies of our time... some of them are used as borders below. For a better look at these works of art, check her Fly Art Page.

Some of my personal favorite spots on the Web concentrate on people with Fly Fishing interests.

Royal Coachmen
Here are some web spots to check out through the links:

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