Daily Print Media with Online Connections:

  • San Francisco Chronicle (morning paper) and Examiner (evening paper)

  • San Jose Mercury Newspaper

  • Modesto Bee

  • Newslink Is the professional newspaper's link to each other..

  • A good place to catch the latest newsheadlines and 5 day weather.

    Radio/TV with Online Connections

  • San Francisco Eyewitness News KPIX

  • KQED Bay Area Educational TV.. and Radio.

  • KPIG A radio station with a personality on the air and on the web.

  • TV Listing site

  • KJEO A local Fresno TV station with online response opportunities.

  • ABC has a great selection of its news and features available on the net. Download "Real audio" to hear the programs. If you don't have this utility there is a link provided here to download it to your computer. This is really radio news on demand!

  • Find here the latest breaking stories with some depth of coverage.

    CNN by the department

    CNN - U.S. News Main Page
    CNN - World News Main Page
    CNNfn - News - reload often
    CNNfn - Resource Center
    CNN - Technology News Main Page
    CNN Interactive - Digests
    Today on CNN

    Tech Shows

  • is a great on-line magazine. Catch it on the TV on USA network on Saturday and Sunday morning. This web site provides all of the web URLS that are mentioned in the show. There are also audio radio articles that can be listened to through your computer (and real audio), and super reviews of software, movies, and music. The site is supported by sponsers.

  • Hot Wired The online version of the famous "Wired" magazine.

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