The big wonderful Net. Its so big with so much to offer. Try to find something in particular.. Yahoo and some of the traditional search engines were great when the web was smaller.. Now even many of them are branching off to particular interest groups.

It is not my place to offer every possible search mechanism available. What I am providing here is rather a collection of search sources, and a place to go to find many more.. some with particular interests... hopefully your interests will connect with one of the search mechanisms.

The Whole Country Phone Book

This one is a real blast! Think of someone anywhere in the country. If they have a listing in a phone book, this connection
switchboard will give you the number. This site claims to have 90 that right 90 million phone numbers at the tip of your computer to speak.. have some fun with this time sink... but don't blame me... he he he!

Can't find that Zip!

I was looking for a zip code recently.. The web has a direct link to the post office, which allows you to enter in the street and city. and state. and guess what? A zip code is provided.

The official zip code directory

Spell Check Your Website

Here is an alternative to running your page through a word processor and then re-saving it.. Check the spelling of your web site through this resource!

Web Site Spell checker

Search Links

Try this one for new links:
What's new

Mrs. Kidwiler, Librarian at Merced High School, thinks this is the best net search engine around.. give it a try.

CNET's Link site

CNET USA televison network's Saturday morning's computer tech show offers 250 search tools. I have checked out the recipe section and it checked the database file of two leading cooking mags for multiple recipes. I found some great scone recipes when I typed in scone.

Its called SEARCH.COM . This new service will provide a convenient and easy way to tap into the power of the Net.

The place for Mac shareware

Use the spot below for a super software search engine.. it not only tells you the site the shareware software happens to be but will provide several sites for your downloading pleasure.

Search hundreds of thousands of files at way to find software on the Internet.

Job Search:

Several members of my extended family (including some with web access) are about to go through some tough times in job searches. I included the following links on this page to help them out.