Buying On the Web

When I first started making and assembling web pages, this was a very common kind of page on the web. It was a page of links to places on the web that would provide information or services. At that time these web addresses were often difficult to find and even more difficult to code and link to graphics.

Since that time the speed of the web and web search engines have decreased the value of pages like this. Web users will often use a search engine to find goods and services.

Why put up a page like this? I put this page up as a convenience to me. It is common that the favorites or the bookmarks on one machine will not be available on another. This page will exist on both platforms and on any computer that is tuned to the web. This gives me more access to what I want to find in places I normally look.

Will it help you? I hope so.

I am also hopeful that you will be able to glean the fruits of my experience. Shopping on the web has opened the world at your footsteps. In this world there is both the precious and the junk. Some people collect precious items others collect junk.


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LAST MODIFIED: June 22,2002